iPhone 6 and above Passive Amplified Dock and Stand

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I wanted to design a useable iPhone dock and stand that was more visually appealing and a little less utilitarian and literal in form that were widely available on 3d printing websites. This dock is designed to take an iPhone with its case on - the slot dimension is 10mm thick x 70mm wide, so if the dimensions of your phone in its case are smaller than this, it will fit. The dock takes a standard lightning cable to allow phone charging while on the stand. The cable should be fed through the access through the back and base to position correctly in the dock. The cable at the back should be pushed into the ridge to secure it. This dock allows access to the home button while docked.

I am able to print this on my fairly basic MOD-t 3d printer. This model will stretch the bridging and overhang capabilities of your printer, but it will still print successfully without too much sagging or stringing. I highly recommend a raft or at the very least a 5 line brim for improving the contact area with the print bed otherwise the model is likely to come away. Supports are a must to support the base of the acoustic void, but you should avoid allowing supports inside the acoustic void, this will preserve the look of printed surfaces that are in plain view. When I set an overhang angle threshold of 44° on Cura, it produces only two lines of support for the overhang on the side cutouts, which works perfectly in my prints. Infill can be set at 0% without reducing the models rigidity.

This model requires about 10m of filament producing a printed weight of about 25 grams. Good Luck with printing!

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