Wall-mounted Tool / Pen holder 3D Printing Guardian

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Another themed 3D printing accessory. Can be printed with color changes to make a triangle, a gear, the body and the goggles in different colors. Easy to print, with 0.2 layer takes only 2 hours. Mind the stringing. If you have stringing in the beginning between the hands, then there is a chance that fingers will fail.

Remix of the: https://pinshape.com/items/351...

More about 3D Printing Guardian: http://3dwithus.com/3d-printing-guardian-spool-holder 

3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip: http://3dwithus.com/3d-printing-guardian

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3DPG Pen Holder Export.stl
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3DPG Pen Holder Goggles Export.stl
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