Unicorn MoneyBox Scaled up 400% for Large Format Printers.

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Summary After the Success of both the Unicorn and the Pegasus I had a Lot of Requests for Larger Prints The Biggest so Far coming from Chris (@ChimpusMaximus) at a Whopping 350% Then I was asked by Sean (@Seananigans) to Remic the Unicorn into a Money Box for his Son. How could I say No to a request from a Fellow Maker and a Chance to put a Smile on a Childs Face. So I present to you the Unicorn Money Box. Thank you all for your Amazing support and I will try to do my best to release more files soon. Ryan (3D Printed Aspie) Print Settings Printer: Kodama Trinus Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: Personal Preference Infill: None Notes: This was a Challenge to Scale up the Model without Making the Coin Slot too big so I scaled up to 400%. It should Scale down Fine and as you can see from the Trinus Print but the Coin Slot is a bit too small for any Coins maybe a British 5p without Modification.

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