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this model started as a joke about the wonderful "The Sorceress" model from Louise Driggers (can be downloaded here on pinshape) that need a 'fantasy Male' counterpart.. and a boyfriend.. :D  so, after 3 public beta, ten internal version and two guinea pigs on twitter ( many thanks to Cat(katja) and AlexRyanC)  ..this is the final version of a nice paper weight for your best pencil ...

'I think so i print' can be the thinking of this guy.. a little timelapse ( sorry for the bad lighting) : 

beware if you use ABS filament (like me), the base is prone to warped so ABS slush is recommended...

original scale : 170mm tall (kat print it at 115mm tall ..)

my parameters : 2 or 3 perimeters, 10 to 15% infill, NO SUPPORT

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