Lulzbot Mini Side Pocket

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I looked around for a tool holder for the accessories that came with the Lulzbot Mini. When I did not find one that I like, I decided to design one myself with FreeCAD. Some of the design goals are:

  • tool-less installation and removal
  • out of the way of the acrylic enclosure
  • out of the way of any moving parts
  • maximize functionality while minimizing filament weight
  • no support generation required

Available slots:

  • 25x3mm (clam knife)
  • 25x10mm (pliers)
  • 18x9mm (dial caliper)
  • 12x8mm (tweezer)
  • 30mm dia. (fat glue stick 22g/0.77oz)
  • two 10mm dia.
  • two 1/2 inch dia. (Sharpie marker)
  • general-purpose pocket


  • push bottom down at an angle onto the Mini's frame
  • push top inward to snap into opening
  • slide toward the front to engage clip

I printed my copy with 2.85mm filament, infill at 20%, and shell thickness at 1mm, the total filament weight is 97 grams.

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