Screwdriver holder for pegboard

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Note this is an import from: The import messed up the formatting. Updates occur on Thingiverse. Summary Updated 2017.7.4 to curve/carve out some bits unneeded plastic, and widen the large screwdriver holes slightly. As the latest photo shows, went through a few iterations. Bought a new set of screwdrivers to replace those missing, and still have an excess of holders. :) Screwdriver holder for pegboard. Pictures of one and two holders mounted on my pegboard. Also discovered today that most of my screwdrivers have somehow (hint: kids) gone missing, as the picture has all the screwdrivers I could find in my toolboxes. Ordered a new set... Goals:

Use with common (in the USA) pegboard with 1/4" holes on 1" spacing. Can use common drywall screws (or any "wood" screw with ~4mm outside diameter). Does not damage the pegboard. Anchors should be somewhat re-usable. Allow for differing alignment by 1/2 grid space horizontal (thus four holes in the holder). Easy to keep clean (no complex exposed surfaces). Very (very) solid!

Note the print in the picture was meant to be fast, not pretty - so printed with 0.3mm layers at 150mm/s (the upper limit for my printer). Printed with 20% infill (more than enough), so the object is almost 80% air. The result is good enough for my purpose. :) There are four screw-holes in the holder. You will use only two. Which two depends on the horizontal placement wanted. Using at present 1.5in coarse thread drywall screws (as I had a box of screws). This is not remotely a precise requirement. :) The screw needs to be long enough to pass through the part, and into the anchor. The screw can be longer, if there is clearance behind the pegboard. Finer threads are no problem, as long as you do not over torque the screws. Easy to drive with a simple manual screwdriver. (Very easy to over-torque with a power tool.) How I Designed This Designed in Onshape Screwdriver holder: Pegboard anchor:

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