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Arm for mounting on pegboard. Also an exercise to bring up my CAD/FDM printing vocabulary. As the first picture hints, going through a series of iterations to work out what works (or not). See also: Major goals (as the above):

Use with common (in the USA) pegboard with 1/4" holes on 1" spacing. Can use common drywall screws (or any "wood" screw with ~4mm outside diameter). Does not damage the pegboard. Anchors should be somewhat re-usable.

Minor goals:

Printable without supports. Uses minimal plastic for the needed strength. Strong as possible with the material used. (Slightly redundant with the prior.)

Note that at present this design is entirely suitable for lighter objects, but not as good as I would like for heavier objects. The problem is that FDM prints are stronger with than across the "grain" of the print. In the current print (when printed with the arm horizontal), the arm is reasonably strong, but the base above the arm is a bit weak. What I am trying to work out... Maybe the base should be a separate object, with vertical grain, and (perhaps) useable with differing sorts of "arms" (or the like). Maybe I should make turn the print sideways, use supports, so I get grain both vertical in the base, and along the arm. (Learning curve stuff... :) ) How I Designed This Designed in Onshape Anchor

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