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Summary Print own arcade button! The button works by pressing a standard tactile button (easily salvaged for free) held in its clutches! This is EXPERIMENTAL and I have not yet attempted a print. Also, this is my first model, so odds are great of something being weird. Regardless, I'm going to be out next week, so I thought I'd upload for people to mess with. The current models are intended to fit a 1" hole in 3/4" plywood. I've also added the feature of being able to mount a 5mm LED for lighted buttons. :) There is a more standard-looking version, and also what I call the "miniskirt" version which may be more printable and use less plastic. UPDATE Nov, 2015: I am presently redoing this as in OpenSCAD customizable object. Instructions Your guess is as good as (or probably better than) mine. This is for 3/4" plywood and intended to fit tactile buttons which I had the most of, but I've also included the blender files if you need to modify it.

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