Customizable cap / connector for silicone caulking gun tubes

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Summary I was wandering through the hardware store recently when I saw a "universal caulking cap". They also had something similar that was a dispenser tube that you could snap on. . Well, instead of dropping stupid amounts of money on the things, I ran home and coded this up! . You can generate either a closed cap, or a connector with a hole in the end for attaching to other designs. . UPDATE: I've included an stl for the universal cap, since that's probably what most people will want there's no sense re-generating it every time! Instructions The measurements are based on whatever tubes I had on hand. . They might or might not fit as intended. (I haven't physically tried any yet.) . Also, if you have any other measurements you'd like me to add, leave a comment. . I can't wait to see what cool designs people come up with!

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