Make Fixed-base Router into Removable Base


Summary This thing allows you to turn a Craftsman fixed-base router into a removable base for jigs, CNC, and other cool stuff. . (In my case, for Matthias Wandel's tilting router lift. . Read the instructions tab before printing. Instructions Tested with Craftsman model 315.269211 . Caveats: 1) This involves stuffing high-voltage MAINS electrical components into a printed package. DO NOT do this unless you understand and accept the risks!!! 2) Far less important, but still a consideration: The LED module within the base is now disconnected so you have no more light. I never really could see much down there anyway, but if that's a big deal, you might have to come up with some kind of connector. . Installation: 1) Unscrew the handle and remove all electronics. 2) Install electronics in the printed enclosure and glue closed. 3) Re-assemble the handle. 4) Slide the enclosure into the slot left behind by the switch. . Use: 1) To remove the base of the router, simply slide off the printed part. 2) Then un-screw the height adjustment, depressing the lock pin with a screwdriver (see pics) when it bottoms out.

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