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Summary I came across an old play kitchen somebody was getting rid of. It had only one knob and was missing stickers. (Third pic) I created printable better-than-original replacement knobs and some burner stickers. (Better than original, as in, each is held securely with two screws apiece so they won't work loose.) The best part about the way I designed this 'thing is that you don't need to have a plastic kitchen to start with. You can build a wood one, or even a simple cardboard box! (Second pic) Note: I have now completed and uploaded the second half of the kitchen - a sink faucet. Instructions 3d print the knobs. I have single knob or sets of 4 or 5 knobs for convenience. The knobs consist of an inside and outside piece with the cardboard to go in between. (Note: the step part of the inside piece is a spacer so as not to crush the cardboard.) You'll have to drill out the screw pilot holes for whatever size screw you're using. 2d print the stickers. To not waste any of the 8.5x11 sticker sheet I filled the rest of the page with "stainless steel" so you can decorate your kitchen further.

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