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Summary This is an industrial style lamp we design for our Laboratory in Milan. No one shared something similar in the Community, so we decided to project one big dimension lamp, but full optimized for 3D printing: NO support required, easy to print, solid and functional. It' not an easy target because usually the old lamps had a large cup, but we divided it in two to give a more interesting look with a six screw assembly, and to be able to generate the LampB file in "spiralize the outer contour"(light diffusion). In this way, you save a lot of time to print it. Please note you need two steel bars, the upper one with bolts, to hang safely the lamp to the cieling. You can see them in the last picture (the red ones) and in the pictures of the printed object. Diameter 8 mm. All the best! Print Settings Notes: Print all the parts with a big machine, 400x400 area. NO SUPPORT required! IMPORTANT: to create a solid object, print all with a 0.8 Nozzle size and 0.4 Layer high. It will be very sturdy. The Spiralized object is made in transparent PLA (big nozzle anyway) but it could be created in PETG or similar transparent filaments. Post-Printing After the printing, mount all the stuff with some parker screw or anything you like to give it an "industrial look". Before to print, is better to paint and maybe give an antique finish to all the "metallic" parts. Use a simple electric wire and choose the kind of light you like.

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