Spiral LED Lamp


Summary This is a Spiral lamp printed with transparent PET-G. This design is made to fit little LEDs who change of color themselves. See picture. In my country we have a store called "action". You can buy super cheap things there. I bought 2 Easter egg things that can change color. Inside these 89 euro cent eggs are color changing LEDs with battery and all ;-) This lamp is made of 2 spiral parts you can connect trough screw-thread. This means that you need support material to print this side. I have made that already in the model, so you have to cut this support material off. See picture (print screen ) If you have a better idea for support material in this model, let me know :-) Print Settings Printer: Anet A6 custom Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 15% Notes: Ass the print reaches the end you may want to turn down the feed rate…. I brought it back to 50 % but that was not slow enough :-) See pictures

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