The torlo was born out of the idea of using a simple oscillating motor as a power source. The Voice coil of a scarp laptop HDD fit the bill nicely. The Voice coil with its powerful magnets has enough brunt to push a bunch of 3d printed gears .The basic idea of the torlo was adapted from the previous holo clock and taken further. The gears of the clock hang to one side and the rings to the other side of the frame. The voice coil is located in the center of the drive train and is driven by a attiny pulsing it every 2 seconds. The balance wheel when pulsed pushes a cam and a ratchet to turn the clock 2 seconds further. Rest of the clock is a simple drive train driving the minute and hour rings which display the time..

The clock is a slightly complex project because of the intricate printed parts needed. It is a little finicky to assemble and needs a lot of patience.

All the parts are printed with a 0.4mm nozzle at .2mm - .25mm layer height. The gears need to be a little loose so if the printer is not calibrated nicely they will freeze.

Design Files

File Size

voice coil spacer.stl
13.6 KB
pawn arm.stl
427 KB
minute needle.stl
141 KB
minute gear 1 apacer.stl
194 KB
backbone spacer 1.stl
45.6 KB
628 KB
base left.stl
2.12 MB
base right.stl
2.31 MB
big ring.stl
2.19 MB
connector gear.stl
713 KB
hour gear 1.stl
1.54 MB
hour gear 2 spacer.stl
25.1 KB
hour gear 2.stl
1.26 MB
hour needle.stl
127 KB
hour ring pulley.stl
146 KB
minute gear 1.stl
1.16 MB
minute gear 2.stl
1.6 MB
minute ring pulley.stl
182 KB
pawn arm holder.stl
130 KB
64.5 KB
137 KB
417 KB


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