What's an Etruscan Urn ? April Fools Cup

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Summary About two-fifty an hour. In terms of usability as a cup, I thought a bulbous body, with a turned down lip, would be fairly unusable to drink from. So I designed it in 123D Design. This was also an exercise in using the Revolve option in that program. This was designed as an entry for the Make April Fools Cup competition - my entry is at https://community.makezine.com/share/jak-s-hub/what-s-an-etruscan-urn-1b579e Now I have printed it. And it works ! Although it pours out water quite nicely, when you try to drink from it, the wide lip makes water run down both sides of your mouth. And the trick to drinking from it without making a mess ? There is none ! I don't think it can be done. Print Settings Printer: 3DStuffmaker Prusa Explorer Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .25 Infill: 20% Notes: About 5 hours to print. Post-Printing Cleaned up the supports easily. Actually it leaks from the base, as well as being hard to drink from.

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