8-sided spiral bowl mk1


Summary 8-sided spiral bowl, with four press fit legs. Bowl body prints flat, as large as your printer base will allow. Four legs printed separately, then press fit into place under the bowl body. 180mm diameter - could be bigger, but depends on the printer bed. Print Settings Printer: 3D Stuffmaker Prusa Explorer Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .3 Infill: 20% Notes: PLA - flexible enough for the bowl to shape as required by the legs How I Designed This Designed and then trialled with 3Doodler I have seen a wood trivet made with a spiral cut, which is flat until you move the lever up to convert it into a bowl. I wondered if this could be done with 3D printing. I sketched out my design, then I trialled the concept with a 3Doodler 3D pen, and it seemed to work. Finally, I checked out Thingiverse for spirals, and there are all sorts of spiral creating tools and customizers available. This is based on a spiral from one of the customizers.

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