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 A simple printable part that is attached with glue, contact cement was used, to a board. Bolts can be added for additional support but hasn't seemed necessary.  The wood was scrap from a shipping crate but nicer, pre-cut, 12 inch diameter boards can be purchased from most chain hardware stores (I've seen $10-15 USD).

Printed with: 

  • 0.25 layer thickness
  • 1.2mm perimeters 
  • 0.75 bottom layers
  • 1.25 top layers
  • 3D infill 20%

Please make sure the material is well laminated before using. Flaws in the construction could lead to injuries. Not recommend for hardwood floors but a few coats of Plasti Dip might be sufficient. Grip tape is optional for rough wood but recommended for the smooth store-bought pieces.

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