Easy-to-print Watch Stand


This is a simple watch stand that is easy to print and will fit most watches including Apple Watch. 

Remember to buy your printing filament from 3DEX

This watch stand is made of two parts. You should not have to orientate them in order to print - just print exactly how they are by default. 

To ensure your watch stand is strong enough, use a wall thickness of 0.8mm (x2 of your nozzle width) and an infill of at least 15%. Layer height does not matter (we used 0.25mm). This will insure that your stand can hold even the heaviest watch. This stand does work with a 240g solid gold watch. 

If your watch is very light (such as Apple Watch Sport models) then you may need to turn the base of the watch stand around (so that the foot faces away from the watch face instead of the same direction. 

This stand should print well using any filament. However, we would recommend using a high quality PLA or ABS such as the filament we sell. 


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