Guardians of the Galaxy ,, Rocket and Baby Groot ,,

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The galaxy guards are some of the most exciting characters in the comic world, with them you will not get bored for a second! This 3D print log was designed in MAYA, MUDBOX and ZBrush in the smallest details to feel the whole atmosphere of the movie scene. The 3D model, adopted for 3D printing, for the highest quality, STL files for 3D printing are solid, allowing you to print very easily and error-free, Rocket and Groot. For testing, there are 7 free files. All files can be found on

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guardians_2 (repaired).stl
6.28 MB
guardians_21 (repaired).stl
281 KB
guardians_25 (repaired).stl
189 KB
guardians_35 (repaired).stl
12.6 MB
guardians_42 (repaired).stl
1.55 MB
guardians_45 (repaired).stl
5.49 MB
guardians_1 (repaired).stl
4.13 MB


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