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This is my entry for the Batman vs Superman contest. It's inspired by our recent adoption of a rescued cat, a orange tabby female (Jelly!) and my partner though would be funny a BAT-CAT hat. So here it is! 

Jelly doesn't love it, but I hope your cat will! Please post pictures if you can.

The model was very fun to do and It's inspired to Dark Knight mask. You will need to scale it depending by your cat head size. In order to hold it on you can drill the  sides and add an elastic band. 

The prints in the photos are printed with an Ultimaker at 2.5 mm, with support (see pic). I haven't had time to clean up the oozing, just snapped off the support, but the model looks pretty solid and easy to cut the extra oozing off.  Best in BLACK!

I started the cat modeling from a scan of Gabriel Frota on 123D Catch. For  wip video see 

WIP for @pinshape3d #batman contest (Kym ask for a batCat mask so I started from an @autodesk123d #cat scan from Gabriel Frota, as our pet wouldn't stay still). #3dprinting #zbrush

A video posted by Morena Protti (@morenap3d) on May 1, 2016 at 12:24pm PDT

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