Royal Game of Ur with Print-in-place hinged board

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Like Robert Ihnatisin, when I saw the British Museum's TableTop Day upload about the game of Ur, my mind immediately went to " I gotta 3D print that". But where I spent my time over-engineering it in my head, Robert just jumped in and made something. So thank you, Robert, for making this a much easier project for me, I was able to focus on another aspect of the game: making it shelf-able.

The changes from Robert's design include:

  • Pips on the dice
  • Better (IMHO) pawns
  • A hinged board that prints all in one piece and has plenty of space inside for component storage
  • Scaled to print on a MP Select mini (100mm^3 build area) so it should print on just about any printer and can be scaled up successfully

The video mentioned that they were playing a simplified rules. So while searching for advanced the rules for the game, and trying to figure out if the different spaces has any meaning, I found a scan from the British Museum's rules that indicates for the advanced game that you need 5 tokens with values 1-5 (with birds that don't mean anything) and some sort of currency. So I further modified the game with pawns that have values on the bottom side of 1-5 and I threw in a diamond token for currency. These elements are optional, but will allow for extended play and there's plenty of room in the board for 40 or so diamond tokens.

Print Settings:

No supports should be necessary, and in fact supports can ruin the board so turn them off. Simply print standing up as is and when printing is complete run a blade between the parts to clean out any stringies until it opens easily.

To get the best results on the diamonds, print with transparent or natural filament, 1 shell, 0 infill, and at half the normal speed.

After printing the dice and pawns can have their details filled in with nailpolish and cleaned off with acetone to bring out the details. The board can be taped and spray painted then wiped off before it dries to add some depth as well.

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