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In 1967 the North American X15, an experimental aircraft used in test flights to gather information to aid aircraft and spacecraft design set the record for the world's the fastest manned powered aircraft reaching Mach 6.7. It was powered by a single rocket engine and regularly achieved altitudes above the 50 miles which qualified most of its pilots as astronauts. The North Americal X15 contributed hugely to advances found in modern air and spacecraft.

I have modeled one of the earliest versions, hence the oval windows and no wingtip pods. I also had to make a few small changes to the shape of the tail to make it printable without infill or supports. This speeds up the build time and cuts down on material costs.

If you have a printer  with a build volume of at least 190mm x 190mm x 190mm, you can build the 1/35th scale model of this iconic plane. All printer settings and build instructions are included in a PDF.

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X15 1of3.stl
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X15 2of3.stl
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X15 3of3.stl
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X15 Stand.stl
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Print Settings and Build Instructions.pdf
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