Tactile Communication Devices


I designed a Tactile Communication Device (or TCD) specifically for the GoTalk 9+. This device is originally used for Developmentally Disabled students, but an elementary school near my school has brought up a serious issue about the visually impaired kids that go there. They don't know what to press on the GoTalk 9+ in order to communicate. What we've done is designed objects that the students can feel, and therefor know what to press. The symbols on each TCD have to do with the word the TCD stands for. This document contains the color and symbol of each TCD. The STL's saved are not all final designs and are not in chronological order. 

Design Files

File Size

Dc More v10.stl
51 Bytes
Dc More FIX.stl
51 Bytes
Dc Eat v4.stl
908 KB
Dc Turn v1.stl
217 KB
More Extension .stl
35 Bytes
Rest Final.stl
188 KB
Dc Go v14.stl
405 KB
Dc Dont v2 .stl
322 KB
Dc Not v3.stl
326 KB
Dc More v7.stl
672 KB
Like Final.stl
240 KB
List fin.stl
502 KB
Turn Extinal.stl
220 KB
365 KB
134 KB
Rocking Chair.stl
134 KB
319 KB
Dc Eat Ext..stl
819 KB
More Extinal.stl
668 KB
Dc Fin Turn.stl
234 KB
DC turn fin.stl
209 KB
DC eat fin.stl
795 KB
dc EATTTT v3-.stl
792 KB
Dc Eat v5.stl
889 KB
Dc Eat v3.stl
35 Bytes
Dc More v2Fix.stl
528 KB
Dc More vV.stl
542 KB
Dc More v11.stl
634 KB
Dc Go v13.stl
404 KB
Dc Go v12.stl
302 KB
Dc Go v11.stl
51 Bytes
Dc Go v10.stl
51 Bytes
Dc Go v9.stl
33 Bytes
Dc Go v8.stl
317 KB
Dc Go v7.stl
388 KB
Dc Go v6.stl
33 Bytes
Dc Go v5.stl
392 KB
Dc Go v4.stl
51 Bytes
Dc Go v3.stl
386 KB
Dc Go v2.stl
375 KB
Dc Not v1.stl
51 Bytes
Dc Go v1.stl
51 Bytes
Dc More v6.stl
39 Bytes
Dc More v5.stl
587 KB
Dc More v3.stl
51 Bytes
Dc More v2.stl
51 Bytes
Dc More v1.stl
51 Bytes


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