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Problem Setting:

People with visual impairements identify objects mostly by touching them. However, lots of objects have identical shape. I did some research and found out that this causes significant difficulties for people with low vision. For example, often they cannot distinguish between milk and juice packages in the fridge. Or sometimes it is not really handy or hygienic to touch the contents of packaging (e.g. cream cheese or curds).

The Solution:

To solve this problem I constructed the brail tag.

To identify an object, you just select the brail letter which stands for a product name on the tag and attach the tag to the product.

For example, if you want to distinguish milk and orange juice cartons you can add the tag with the letter “O” for orange juice and “M” for milk.

Tips for printing:

I used PLA as material

Layer hight 0.1 mm

the small parts must lie on the side

after printing cut the little windows clean, the bottom layer is causing problems with dimensional accuracy.

Tips for assembling:

The long (and rounded)pins must be inserted into the little windows and the side with the short pins point to the center of the housing

Important: after placing all the small parts you combine the the upper und lower


Now comes the interesting part: You have to melt the both sides of the braille tag to finish the assembly, best way to do it is a heated printing bed if available or heat up a screwdriver and push against it(see picture of how to do it and how not to do it(overheat+soot)

Further project and functionaly development:

Product dating information (expiration date) tags. TBH I just didn't have enough time to add this functionality : (

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