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Hi there,

printing materials like pla, abs etc release unhealthy nano particles and leave an undesirable odor your room. But if you have a closed 3d printer, you can send the contaminated air out of your room.

At first i used tape to attach the tube to the printer, but the tape was getting lose and was not looking really nice at all.

So, here is my solution.

This adapter connects a 100 mm tube to a ~50 mm hole. I made the hole in the printer hood with a holesaw. Pay attention, that you should make the hole in an attachment part, like the hood. My first idea was to drill through the wall, but i highly advise against it, because even if the wall is made out of synthetic, it absorbs forces and is part of the structure, also if you fail with your hole making attempt, its hard to get a replacement.

The tube is fixed with a ordinary cord.


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For controlling the airflow, i used a sanitary fan and a ac dimmer. Best place to get it is your local hardware/DIY store.

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