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Hi everyone, here I going to present a prototype to write in braille words.

The idea comes when I am thinking a solution for "Envision The Future Design Challenge"  but after to start the desing I found a product very similar to my desing;  http://www.yankodesign.com/201...   (I really don't think that I toke the idea from this; but I can't be sure...). Anyway Here is my design:

How it works? it consists in two pieces one on bottom of the paper, and the other on the top;  they are join with a magnet, it is a great an idea because you can use big size paper without problems.  With the push buttons you will mark the paper; (Could be great to use an special paper; or a paper with a small capacity of elasticity (for example stickers). after to finish the letter, you must to block the paper, and move simultaneously the top and bottom piece,  thanks to the special wheel  you can feel when it rotate half revolution; in this case the wheel have a radio of 5mm;  if we use the equation: (2*PI*r) /2; we have a shift of 15.7 mm  between letter and letter.

Features: - It's a portable system. - It works with all kind of sizes of paper. - Printable with 2 pieces, with 3d printer. - same Distance between letters, thanks to the mark wheel.

Improvements: The size of characters with this system is bigger than the typical braille characters,  It's because my printer has not enough precision, ( I tried several  designs, but it is the better quality/size) . It could be a great thing to make a new one smaller braille writer. 

That's all! thanks for your attention.

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