Maker Select/Wanhao Duplicator I3 build plate GoPro mount

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Summary A simple mount for a GoPro style camera on a Maker Select/Wanhao duplicator 3d printer. It could also support other light weight cameras. A 1/4" mini binder clip and mounting screw/nut are required for assembly. Print Settings Printer: Maker Select 3d v2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .16mm Infill: 35% Notes: I recommend 3 perimeters/1.2mm wall thickness. Post-Printing Required extras: A 1/4" mini binder clip is required to secure this to the lower frame of the build plate. A GoPro/M5 nut and screw are required to attach the camera. I used a Lightdow action cam and used the nut and screw from another mount I had. Assembly: Attach the camera to the mount first. Slide the printed mount on the lower build plate frame allowing the L-bend to go around the screw. (There are files for each corner, so be sure to print the right one for your needs.) There is a slight bulge in the plate. The printed mount should rest against the bulge and the L-bend should be flush with the edge. Place the binder clip over both the plate and the printed mount and shown in the photos. There should be plenty of clearance, but I would suggest moving the build plate on the entire Y-axis to make sure there is no interference. How I Designed This I first tried this plate mount:, but it could only be mounted on the front and the Maker Select fan obscures that view. It along with other builds like: or if printed in PLA warped when the bed heated and also either took up space on the build plate itself or limited movement if mounted on the lower plate. I later thought to make the build here:, but it bumped into the Y-brace in extreme print positions. This other mount: required taking apart the build plate and while secure also meant I couldn't easily move the camera around on the plate. I took inspiration from these designs and made this simple L-shaped support using a cheap mini binder clip to attach it securely to the lower bed frame plate. I designed it it TinkerCad. Why mounting a camera on a moving bed plate matters.....

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