Diorama - Project: "Mannetje van Willemstad"

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Summary Diorama - Project: "Mannetje van Willemstad" The diorama is made for the ancient oak wooden figure (5000bc). The name of the oak wooden figure is: "Mannetje van Willemstad" Diorama techniques: Software (free): MakeHuman http://www.makehuman.org/ Sketchup Paint: Citadel 3D Printer: PrintRbot -3d Printer software: Cura Photo edit software: Pixlr Autodesk Camera: Samsung Note 4 The attached human models are v0.5 and useful for me but they have some issues and need some work after they are printed, hope they are useful for your projects. and maybe the project idea can inspire your projects. Happy modeling!! More information and picture about the diorama and the ancient mysteries oak wooden figurine can be found on our Facebook project page: https://www.facebook.com/mannetjevanwillemstad

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