MendelMax Filament Guides & Guide Wheel & spool holder

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Summary Set of filament guides for a MendelMax printer. I have had all sorts of problems with filament tangling during printing, so I created these guides to eliminate any possible issues. It includes two options for the upper guide- one fixed curved guide, and one rotating wheel. All guides are designed for 3mm filament. The rotating guide wheel would work for 1.75mm filament as well. The side-mount spool holder should work with most filament spools. 1/1/2014 Update: Added dual wheel upper guide and dual bearing lower guide for even lower friction filament feeding- hopefully equaling better part print quality Instructions The rotating upper filament guide wheel needs the following "vitamins" to build: -2x M8 x 30mm SHCS -2x M8 nut -~4x M8 washers -4x 608 bearings You'll need to print 2x of the wheels. I'd recommend that you place 3-4 washers between the two bearings in each of the wheels, so when you tighten the M8 screw it doesn't apply a side-load to the bearings and bind them up. The lower filament guide requires 2x 608 bearings, and 3x M8x30mm SHCS. The holes are sized to tap the holes and not use a nut on the back. All other parts are self-explanatory.

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