Ugrinsky's wind turbine

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This is a study of Ugrinsky's wind turbine concept. I didn't found lots of detail about this concept but few sketches can be found and it was claimed as a lot more efficient compared to Savoniu's design. And actually, it is !

I made this design to be printable with a limited quantity of parts. 1 level (H 70mm) = 1 part, meaning that you can add as much level as you want, ending by the top part. Some pictures are showing an assembly of 3 levels, the top and and the base (not yet available).

  • 2 x screws diam.~3.5mm-L~15mm) / level
  • No need for support or printing specification, mine are printed by 0.4mm layer.

Another parts are already designed but the entire concept is still in progress, then only main part and top part are uploadable as of today ... let see if there is an interest on it !

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