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Summary After looking on here for a bit to find a decent Mini Disc model, all I found is what appeared to be scans of LARGE discs, shrunk down to mini size. This ran into all kinds of problems of the walls being really thin, flimsy mini discs, etc... Being an avid disc golfer as well, and the son of a mechanical engineer, I decided to got to CAD and create my own. Voila! And here we have a mini disc that is more like an ACTUAL mini disc in size and substance. It has a rounded curve on the top part of the disc, with a straight line under on the base. The two different files vary only by the underside of the disc. On the inside of the rim, one goes straight up to a 90 degree angle, the other has a chamfered curve up to the bottom of the disc. If you have something like 123D Designer, you can easily merge something onto the top of this to make your own custom embossed mini discs (that is actually what I came up with the design for). This can be printed in any filament you prefer, but I ended up doing them in ABS with the intent to use an Acetone Vapor Bath to give them a smoother, shinier look. Print Settings Printer: Tronxy P802M Rafts: Yes Supports: No Resolution: 0.4mm Nozzle Infill: 70% Notes: These settings are what I used because I have many people ordering a customized version of this. You can print this with or without supports. If you are printing it BLANK, you can print it upside down for better results. I am using Slic3r for creating the GCode, and in that I am using a 1.1 multiplier for the final extrusion to make sure it gets all the little cracks and crevices covered. Also using concentric for the top and bottom infill settings, honeycomb for the rest. Using ABS Filament First Layer: Extruder Heat: 235 Heat Bed: 105 Other Layers: Extruder Heat: 230 Heat Bed: 100


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