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Summary This is a USB flash drive case, which was personalised at I have downloaded the STL file from this site. Print Settings Printer Brand: Leapfrog Printer: Creatr Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 mm Infill: min. 15% Notes: PLA Settings: Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm – The Extrusion Width of the printer's nozzle is 0.4 mm. Therefore 1 shell is not enough to provide sufficiant strenght. 2 shells and a total wall thickness of 0.8 mm gives a good print result. This will be a strong and durable USB case in fact. Infill: 15% – Minimum 15% infill is recommended for stability. Otherwise the outcome might easily brake. Please use this setting for satisfactory result. Obviously you can higher the percentage of infill, but do not lower them for the sake of strength and durability. This is a honeycomb-shaped infill. In case you use this setting of 15% infill one print will take about 30 mins. Printing Speed: 150 mm/sec – Printing Speed has an influence on quality. This speed might seem to be too fast, but it was tested before, like every other parameter. Post-Printing Suitable USB Memory Stick For suitable USB memory sticks, that fit the hole perfectly, visit Amazon. We only recommend this product, because it works. This is a usb 2.0 with various colours and capacity. Stabilizing the USB Stick Use glue gun to stabilize memory stick after printing! Suitable USB Memory Stick How I Designed This Where can you personalise your own USB cases? This design is created at Here you can personalise your own 3D printed USB case and you can download an STL model. Collection of Personalised USB Cases

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