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Updated version allows for printers with varied tolerances to print a functional stacker and cap.

Here is a simple way to add more fidget to your fidget toy without adding much space between the spinners. Prints Quickly with no support and fits snug in a standard skateboard bearing. 10 minute print and less than a gram of filament. I've put a bearing cap there as well. How many can you Stack N Spin? I see now as I go to upload there is another fidget stack published on March 29th. I did not copy this design but wanted to add their design here as well. Great minds...Cheers The fidget spinners I printed are and Id love to see what you decide to make or use. Print Settings Printer Brand: LulzBot Printer: Mini Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .10 Infill: 20% Notes: Can use a brim if you don't have a heated bed. This part has tight tolerances and holds very well, But it is a small part so its a choking hazard. The lettering on the stacker does not print as it is far to small.

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