Double Barrel Extruder

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Summary This is yet another type of extruder. I was not not happy with the performance of some of the "pinch wheel" type extruders. I waited to publish until I had gone through an entire 5 lb. spool of ABS and have done so now without any problems. While I don't expect anyone to build this I thought it may inspire new designs based i this direction. This was designed in alibre and openscad. All files are in the zip file (Warning: File Dump) I am in the process of designing and building my next printer and will have a new model released then. If you have any questions please ask. Instructions This part requires 4x 624zz bearings, 2x 4mm bolts, nema 17 and hotend of your choice. Machining the wheels in the lathe was done by trial and error and got it right on the second try. I recoment using a #10-32 tap for use with 1.75 mm filament. The whole thing was just strapped to a plate of aluminum. The hobbing tool was a bit weak and would modify before use again.

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