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Summary Evezor is a SCARA class robot and today we milled the open source initiative's logo See a video of the making of here Our tool post, once again, was just a hunk of 2X4. Then we used a hose clamp to secure the router to the tool post. We used a 3/8" - 2 flute endmill The toolpath was created with Kiri:Moto. With all these projects, for better or worse, I tried my best to use open source software. I would have made a tutorial on this if I didn’t have such a bad experience using the software. It’s not the worst software ever but made some unusual decisions with some of its toolpaths. I will be looking for some better software, if you have some suggestions please leave a comment. Find out more about our arm at See our other projects and toolheads we've made with our arm Hot Wire Foam Cutting Glass Etching

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