High Torque (43.33:1) Planetary Gearset, NEMA 17 Mount, No Hardw


Summary I have re-designed this gearbox with less backlash and i consider this one obsolete, check out the re-design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2101218 i also designed a Demo Mount and arm for this, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2084886 In this gearbox the gear ratio is 43.333333:1 The function of the gearbox is when either Sun Gear #1 or Sun Gear #3 are turned, (or both at the same speed) ring gear #2 will rotate in relation to Ring Gear #1 and Ring Gear #3, so Ring Gear #2 will rotate once for every 43.3 turns of the drive sun gear. Ring Gear #1 & #3 Should be held at the same potential to achieve the least amount of backlash. Sun Gear #2 has no real function except to space out the planet gears to achieve more strength in the gearbox. You will need to arrange the planet gears as shown in the above picture. If you spin this gearset without enclosing the rings the planet gears could skip a tooth and get out of alignment, for this reason i have included a ring that holds the ring gears shut if you don't want to print out the demo mount and demo arm. For more similar gearboxes like this one, please check out my other Things! // Dimensions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have included the sketch to make parts for this gearbox, this is the sketch that used to make the NEMA 17 Mount and the Crane/ Demo Mount Project, This Sketch Provides .2mm of clearance all the way around. For those of you without a caliper, The Ring Gears are 15mm Wide and have a 1.5mm space between them, If you choose to, you can make custom sun gears also, Gears were Designed in Fusion 360 and the Gears in Section #1 & #3 of the Design are all Module 1 with a 30 Degree Helix angle, 20 mm Wide, scaled in the "Z" Direction at .75 The Gears in Section #2 of the Design are almost Identical to those, they are module 1.11 , 20mm wide , 30 degree helix angle, scaled at .75 in the Z direction. I Also Included the Fusion Project ;) Hey! i have never had someone post a make for me, would you do it? ;)

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