Braille Keyboard Stickers


The keyboard is a modern tool. Everyone uses keyboards whether at their home or at work. The point of most schools for the visually impaired is to prepare students for the modern world. And that includes the tools used. Aka the keyboard. 

These key covers are designed to be glued or taped to the keys on a keyboard. I would have made them clip-on's but each keyboard is different and I wanted everyone to be able to use these.

Originally I started by measuring the sizes of the keys on my keyboard. That was probably the easiest part. I then had to (in loose terms) learn Braille. I wouldn't say that I can now read or write Braille but I can make bumps on a computer. They letters were extremely confusing to put in the right pattern and it took me several tries for some of the tiles. After a few hours of failed attempts I finally got all of the patterns right. 

If these tiles do not fit the keys on your keyboard, try scaling them by a few millimeters. Using a raft is recommended but supports are not needed.

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