No-Face Mask from SpiritedAway (Wearable if Modified)

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Summary I know I'm not the only person to fall in love with the Amazing World that Hayao Miyazaki brought to us in the incredible Studio Ghibli Movies. This NoFace Mask is no1 in a 3 part series and possibly more for NoFace. Also Keep an Eye out for more amazing Memories from Ghibli Movies. Print Settings Printer: RenRen3D Flash Pro Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: Personal Preference Notes: I Designed this Mask to Print Without Supports, Raft or Infill. There are 2 versions One with the Eyes Blocked out for displaying and One with the Eyes Hollow so I can be modified into a Mask. It says it will take 3hrs+ to Print at the standard 200mm in the Y Axis for the Mask Version and about 10hrs+ for the Other. Post-Printing Turning into a Mask The Stems for the Eyes/Mouth reach down to the bed so it will print without supports and print quickly. The Stems will need to be carefully Cut away to the Desired length and I would suggest adding some Foam Padding or sanding them flush and adding some Gauze to cover the Holes. Please Take care when using sharp tools. If you are unsure please read through these safety tips. Stay Safe and Have Fun. :D

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