makita, bosch, dewalt battery adaptors


Summary one year ago I started printing adaptors for my makita batteries. I modified 3 of my personal tools to fit my good makita batteries and I did the same for some of my friends tools. But I've been asked to do the same thing for other brands... So today I add bosch 18v dewalt 20v max They were printed and tested, but I don't have any pictures. For the dewalt one, I had a small (1.5Ah), It had not been tested with the big ones. N.B. Some times, you just have to heat it with a heat gun or boiling water before it works well. (it it is too tight or too loose)

Instructions Print with pla is more solid than abs. You print it, thant you use anythin that is thin, strong and conductor, that you can make a contact with a electrical wire to make the battery contact. I used that plumber metal strap: Then plug the wires to the tool connectors. And finally glue the adapter the the tool: I used a hot glue gun.

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