Indestructible Tiny Whoop TPU 90mm 2S


Here is an indestructible version of the Tiny Whoop 90mm 2S TPU Ultimaker . The chassis and the protection camera are in TPU The top-plate and the lipo fixing are printed abs or polycarbonate to rigidify the whole of the chassis. The TPU parts can also be made of ninja semi-flex

Camera protection: It is very easy to adjust the tilt of the camera and it can fall back in case of shock. The TPU camera envelope + the headband made directly from the 3D coil wire There are versions in wire of 2.75 mm and in wire of 1.75mm There are several versions for the TX01 and 02 and for the TX03 which is larger

Here is the list of components tiny Whoop:

F.C. :


Receiver Sbus:

Receiver dsmx:


Lipo 2s 30mah 45-90C:

Screws and fixing nuts 4x m 1.6 16 mm

Here is the list of componentsCamera:

camera eachine TX01 / 25mW:

Camera eachine TX02 / 200mw:

Camera eachine TX03 25mw/50mw / 200mw:

Screws 2 x m 1.6 10 mm

Design Files

File Size

Frame quad 90mm tiny whoop TPU .stl
4.7 MB
quad 90 tiny whoop TPU Top plate camera Tx01- Tx02- Tx03.stl
459 KB
Quad 90mm tiny whoop TPU lipo 300 mha V2.stl
347 KB
Protection pod Camera TX01and TX02 for 1.75mm.stl
454 KB
Protection pod Camera TX01and TX02 for 3mm.stl
393 KB
Protection pod Camera tx03 for 1,75mm.stl
460 KB
Protection pod Camera tx03 for 3mm.stl
398 KB


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