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I had always wondered how the mechanical counters worked, and it turned out to be nothing like the way I thought it would be, but something simpler and more elegant. Having discovered this I worked out this design that could be 3D printed. Research on the Internet several designs that kept all the gearing internal to the number reels, but the one that is more appropriate to help with the understanding of the workings was the one shown on the left. This has 3 number reels that allow you to count to 999 and uses a lost motion gear pair in between each reel, that transfers the motion to the next reel after 1 complete revolution of the lower digit reel. 

This design is based on the model developed by Matthias Wandel, you can see it here I have changed some of the features to make it suitable for 3D printing, and simplified the Actuator and made it a simple push operation.

You can get the full instructions from here

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Counter Actuator.STL
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Frame Left.STL
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Counter Front-Back v5.STL
272 KB
Frame Right.STL
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Counter Windows v6.STL
418 KB
Counter Reel 1.STL
855 KB
Counter Reel 2.STL
892 KB
Counter Gear-Lost motion-Drive.STL
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Counter Lost motion Drive-Pin.STL
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Counter Pawl.STL
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Counter Gear-Lost motion.STL
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