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The teaching clock can be a an interesting 3D printing project as it works as a teaching aid on 2 levels.

The first is the obvious one, to teach young children to tell the time using a clock rather than reading the time from their phone. The second is that it uses a novel mechanism to create the 12:1 ratio between the Hour and Minute hands. A description of the Ferguson paradox can be found here


on my woodenclocks website.

This is a simple build with no requirements for supports, only some adjustment to get the right fits on the main shaft.

The teaching Clock can be held using the round handle on the back, by either the teacher or the child, the hands can be turned to a time by the teacher to ask the child, or the child can turn the hands to answer the teacher's question.

This is my second 3D printer project, I use a Zortrax M200 and I am just getting use to it. I am not sure that I can use the printer with sufficient confidence yet to advise anyone else on the settings to make the parts for this project.

My first project was to build an actual Skeleton clock using the 3D printer after spending some years sticking to clock building in wood, if you want to see the 3D printed clock it is on the woodenclocks website here. Clock 13 FDM 3d printed clock.

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Teaching Clock Hands and Arm.STL
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Teaching Clock Gear 12 tooth and Spindle.STL
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Teaching Clock Gear 8 tooth and Shaft.STL
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Teaching Clock Dial.STL
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Teaching Clock Base.STL
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