Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

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The toothpaste tube squeezer features a budget stretching roller to help you utilize every bit of toothpaste without squeezing, struggling or wasting! Easy to use roller keeps things tidy. Fits tubes up to 50mm wide.

Simply slide the tube roller through the tube squeezer and superglue the backstop onto the tube roller and you are good to go!

The toothpaste tube squeezer has been extensively tested for print quality, workability and durability!


Material: Tested with PLA & ABS

Estimated Time: 4:10:55

Estimated filament usage: 7.3m

Infill: 90%

Layer hight: 0.2

Shell: Normal

Speed: Low

Raft: No

Support: Yes

Brim: No Nozzle Diameter: 0.4

Design Files

File Size Tube Roller Backstop.STL
141 KB Tube Roller.STL
300 KB Tube Squeezer - Front.JPG
588 KB Tube Squeezer - Rear.JPG
574 KB Tube Squeezer.STL
43.4 KB


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