Lillypad Avocado Seed Float

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The Lillypad Avocado Seed Float is for seed germination. You can leave the lillypad floating on water without worrying  about systematic water level reduction.

Place the avocado seed bottom down in the lillypad, then place the lillypad on water. General sprout time is between 4-8 weeks so be patient!

  The Lillypad Avocado Seed Float has been extensively tested for print quality and float stability!

Material: Tested with PLA & ABS

Estimated Time: 3:20:45

Estimated filament usage: 6.6m

Infill: 90%

Layer hight: 0.2

Shell: Normal

Speed: Low

Raft: No

Support: No

Brim: No Nozzle Diameter: 0.4

Design Files

File Size Lillypad Avocado Float.STL
2.15 MB Lillypad Avocado Float.JPG
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