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No supports & Rotatable and interchangeable heads.

Specially designed for beginners or students easy to print and change the 3D model the same style of six [cute animals], can turn around and swap the body. Print does not need to support, printing becomes very easy.

Six head and body type, free combination. Head and facial features, hands and feet, the body is all different geometric shapes, can be any combination of changes!

The same file is also uploaded to http://fastlab.tw/, (information industry research institute, c), which is a 3D work sharing site.


Printer Brand:FlashForge Printer:Finder Rafts:No Supports:No Resolution:0.16mm Infill:10%

Design Files

File Size

Brown dog - body.stl
576 KB
Golden Monkey - Head.stl
1.28 MB
Pink rabbit - body.stl
493 KB
03Foot-Gray cat.stl
521 KB
02Body-White pig.stl
243 KB
07Nose-Pink rabbit.stl
187 KB
07Nose-White pig.stl
267 KB
07Nose-Yellow bear.stl
949 KB
08Ear-Brown dog.stl
223 KB
Hair-Golden Monkey.stl
228 KB
08Ear-Golden Monkey.stl
342 KB
08Ear-Gray cat.stl
1.31 MB
08Ear-Pink rabbit.stl
134 KB
Hide the positioning box.stl
2.43 KB
08Ear-White pig.stl
417 KB
22.7 KB
08Ear-Yellow bear.stl
870 KB
Hair -Yellow bear.stl
336 KB
Gray cat - body.stl
664 KB
Yellow bear - body.stl
3.19 MB
Brown dog - head.stl
1.04 MB
01Head-Gray cat.stl
413 KB
Gray cat - head.stl
1.94 MB
Golden Monkey - Body.stl
566 KB
Pink rabbit - head.stl
1.29 MB
White pig - body.stl
3.26 MB
01Head-Pink rabbit.stl
210 KB
Yellow bear - head.stl
1.55 MB
01Head-Brown dog.stl
342 KB
01Head-Yellow bear.stl
180 KB
02Body-Brown dog.stl
578 KB
02Body-Gray cat.stl
309 KB
02Body-Pink rabbit.stl
226 KB
02Body-Yellow bear.stl
457 KB
03Foot-Pink rabbit.stl
134 KB
03Foot-Yellow bear.stl
338 KB
04Hand-Gray cat.stl
816 KB
04Hand-White pig.stl
2.39 MB
05Tail-Gray cat.stl
223 KB
05Tail-Pink rabbit.stl
18.4 KB
06Eyes-Golden Monkey.stl
491 KB
07Nose-Gray cat.stl
811 KB
06Eyes-Pink rabbit.stl
964 KB
05Tail-Yellow bear.stl
64.9 KB
03Foot-White pig.stl
298 KB
04Hand-Golden Monkey.stl
483 KB
04Hand-Pink rabbit.stl
2.2 MB
04Hand-Yellow bear.stl
2.11 MB
05Tail-Golden Monkey.stl
408 KB
05Tail-White pig.stl
250 KB
06Eyes -Yellow bear.stl
11.2 KB
06Eyes -Brown dog.stl
666 KB
06Eyes-Gray cat.stl
653 KB
07Nose-Brown dog.stl
173 KB
White Pig - Head.stl
1.59 MB
01Head-Golden Monkey.stl
291 KB
01Head-White pig.stl
411 KB
02Body-Golden Monkey.stl
277 KB
03Foot-Brown dog.stl
187 KB
03Foot-Golden Monkey.stl
277 KB
04Hand-Brown dog.stl
731 KB
05Tail-Brown dog.stl
246 KB
06Eyes -White pig.stl
784 KB
07Nose-Golden Monkey.stl
299 KB


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