Pine Cone Tealight Candle Holder

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This Pine Cone Tealight Candle Holder was modelled with inspiration from the famous "Crimean Pinecone Lamp" designed by Pavel Eekra.

When printed in full size it has the following specs:  96g of material (PLA)  104mm Ø x 128mm Height  The model shown in the photos was printed using "natural" colour PLA. It is slightly translucent.  Depending on your printer I recommend printing with a small amount of support with an overhang angle of 50.

Has a number of small holes around the bottom to allow airflow up through the model and this way the plastic does not get too hot when candle is burning.

Disclaimer:  I printed my model in PLA and it does not get hot or melt when using a normal tea light.  Please make your own judgement when deciding what tealight to use and what material to print with.  I will not be responsible for any damage caused by using this model.

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