Empanada / Dumpling Maker

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This model will help you make perfect looking Empanadas or Dumplings every time. The model size is based on traditional Argentinian Empanadas but you can scale the model up or down easily in your printing software to make other sizes as you wish.

Have fun!

Printing Settings: 

When printed in original size it has the following specs: ~80g of material (PETG) with 50% infill. Assembled (closed): 77x120mm x 40mm High I recommend printing with a food safe material such as PETG. Depending on your printer I recommend printing with a small amount of support with an overhang angle of 50. 

After printing: Drill clean the small holes in the hinges and assemble with a small metal pin (e.g. nail) in each hinge so the two parts pivots around the hinges.

Design Files

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Empanada Maker - Bottom.obj
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Empanada Maker - Bottom.STL
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Empanada Maker - Top.obj
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Empanada Maker - Top.STL
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