Tom's Simple Chunky Rocket (for vase/spiralized mode) V1

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Inspired by @SpannerHands and his simple and clean rocket I have quickly 3D modelled (in Fusion 360) and 3D printed my own, very orange and more chunky rocket (on #Ultimaker3 as a test of "vase mode" #3Dprinting using #Cura 2.3.1 slicer).

"As you do on New Year, you will do all year" we use to say here in the Czech Republic. So I will print only rockets in 2017. B-)

[Jan 2 2017] Added two pictures of a silver version, which is even smoother…

Notes: Use Vase mode (Spiralized contour mode etc.; no infill, one wall) – it's smooth, fast and attractive 200mm tall print then. 

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