Captain Abe of the Future


Captain Abe of the future In the distant future the Sun became too hot and changed the planet. Now most of the dry land has gone and more than 90% of the Earth is covered with water. Radiation levels are so high that mutations are now a normal thing and all kinds of strange creatures live around the Earths seas. Technologies are so advanced that between those beasts and the few people left live cyborgs.  As you can think in this dystopian future everybody is at sea!  Ruthless pirates rule the endless blue, but one pirate stays above them all! A pirate so scary and brutal that even Death herself fears him! This is Captain Abe!  Abe was once a simple chimp on the ship of the greedy pirate Captain Ginger beard! Captain Ginger beard and his crew were on a constant quest to find the Holy Grail, the ultimate treasure of this future, so Abe became kind of obsessed too. And when they finally found the magic chest with the Grail, a fierce storm destroyed their ship. The only survivor of the whole crew was poor little Abe. He lost an arm and an eye during the storm but his will kept him alive. Little that Abe knew he was shipwrecked on the Mysterious island. A place left outside of this new dystopian world. A place that was once the top of the old world! On the island powerful Ancient beings live to keep the secrets of the Earth and protect life on it even in these darkest times. Those Ancients saw the good soul of Abe and saved him by giving him a cyborg arm and an eye-camera, which he lost when Ginger beards ship was wrecked.  But it was all on a price too big for anyone to pay. Madness that took over Abe’s mind because of the advanced mind and the heavy burdens that the Ancients gave him. That fierce storm was no incident. The Ancients started it with their technologies, the same technologies that gave Abe his new powers and life as a vigilante.  Now the scary Captain Abe is known as the Protector of the Chest with the Holy Grail. His base is the Mysterious island a place often attacked by the evilest, most dangerous pirates that dare to seek the Grail, which the legends say gives immortality and limitless power.  Captain Abe’s only friend and sidekick is the parrot-drone Paulie who was also once saved by the Ancients. Abe’s cyborg arm gives him amazing strength and his bionic eye gives him a sight better than any other, while Pauli’s modified "wings" give him the power to travel hundreds of miles without a stop. Captain Abe randomly goes in to berserker rage now and then and because of that he travels alone with his winged fellow Paulie. They keep the chest safe but in the meantime steal, rob, kill and do all kinds of other horrible stuff to stay alive. That is why even the Ancients now fear Abe but know that he will never ever leave the Grail unprotected! 

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