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Garuda - a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

-Stage 1 - Design

In our interpretation of the legend, Garuda is a man wearing a bionic suite. Sculpture depicts transformation into the majestic eagle like creature in progress. It's meant to be fine art, not  more than a 3d printed toy, so we decided to make it monumental. We started the design with character concept artist Emre Lee drawing a batch of lose sketches. The design and pose were chosen and final detailed concept illustration drawn.  Afterwards I sculpted the character symmetrically in Pixologic Zbrush, utilising one of my standard humanoid meshes as a starting point. Pose was introduced as a layer, allowing for easy design iteration changes. Feathers were created and laid out in Maya, with overlapping UVs, allowing for easy detailing of all of them at once. The final design was cut into piece and keys added. All parts were processed with Dynamesh in order to produce uniform, watertight and print ready mesh.  All pieces have been hollowed as well.

-Stage 2- Print

Model is printed in 7 pieces, which is not too many for ease of assembly, but enough to allow for printing large scale and to reduce amount of supports. Since the models have been hollowed and have resin escape holes  built in, this project is both SLA and FDM printer ready.  If printing with FDM, print with 80-100% infill, 5 top and 5 bottom layers. Any filament will work, I recommend PLA at 190 deg, 30 mms, 0.1mm layer height. For SLA, orient the parts in the way to have escape holes near the platform, reducing suction forces. After print soak in IPA, wash with dishwashing liquid and leave in the sun for an hour, rotating the parts every 10 min. Oryginal scale is meant to be 35 cm high, which you can easily double if printing on a delta,  or go smaller if printing by SLA . The scale and orientation will determine amount of supports, I tend to orient parts vertically and  use automatically generated supports, with no issues. The rock is meant to be printed flat on the platform. 

-Stage 3-Assembly & Post

For best results, some minimal cleanup with emery boards is recommended. If your printer is calibrated correctly, all pieces should fit together perfectly. Using regular hardware store epoxy glue  wet the keys, insert, press and hold for about 2 minutes.  Don't worry about the extra glue, it's easy to file down. Any seems can be touched up with model filler such as Bondo or Milliput and smoothed with nail files. You can also just use epoxy. If printed by FDM, depending on accuracy of your machine and layer height, you might want to smooth the result with Acetone (ABS) or Chloroform (PLA) at this stage. Please do it only outdoors in a well ventilated area! Next comes spray painting into desired color. In my case I decided to go for faux bronze, so I primed it with black spray paint and applied second coat of Modern Masters oxidizing bronze paint, with a brush. The last step is to spray some patina activator. It can be purchased or made at home with vinegar and salt. You might want to fill the base with something heavy to make the sculpture more substantial. Anything works, wax, plasticine, or in my case plaster of paris. Enjoy! 

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